Targa Profession

Targa professional

The wide array of features provided by Targa make our boats the ideal choice for creating boats for different professional use. Features that the professionals appreciate and benefit from are e.g. great sea performance, high quality, practical and safe handling, solid structure, good stability even with the boat heavily loaded and the large deck areas. A must for every professional boat is also the possibilities for customized solutions.

Targa boats easily meet the challenging demands of different professions. Various professionals who have taken advantage of Targa boats include divers, journalists, taxi boat drivers, police officers, lifeguards, and oil exploration workers.

The climate where they operate and the usage of the boats wary heavily, from transport vessels on Greenland, to fast-response police patrol boats on the Thames River or along the Norwegian West Coast.

To fulfill professional demands all Targa models can be certified according to various workboat standards, e.g. the Nordic Boat Standard (NBS-Y) for commercial crafts. All the larger models can also be equipped with jet-drives for the professional user.

Sporting spacious decks, large holds and excellent performance capabilities at sea, Targa boats are also an ideal companion for recreational fishermen. For more information about our special Tarfish-range for fishing purposes, click here.